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This very likely happened because the “table” was arranged this way in Word and when exported to a tagged PDF, the table structure came with it. O˜er multiple choices of where to sit. I believe JAWS will also read a table cell with   inside as BLANK but I can't test this.It seems to read such elements as BLANK. Built-in slide layout templates are designed so the reading order is the same for people with vision and … Verify if the assistive technology announce that, a table is present. High contrast . In addition, the table will not break into two separate rows in a smaller viewport (i.e., it is not designed responsively). We can also position items using line-based placement of grid template areas, without considering their location in the source. For those of us using Drupal, and those of us without much web design expertise, they can be much easier to use than providing the preferable CSS markup. Add a descriptive hyperlink to your text to let the user know what’s behind the link. Layout and Data Tables » Web Accessibility » 4All » Tech Ease: For a long time, the only way to create columns and perform other layout tasks in HTML was through the use of tables. can help you visually see the linearized reading order of tables. Definition: Table markup must identify a table as either a data table or a layout table. A Responsive Accessible Table November 2, 2017; 30 Comments Painfully slow demonstration of the example table resizing and different media queries kicking in. The caption tag, which will appear on the screen is used to give the title of the table, while the summaryattribute gives a broader description of the table's purpose: